Welcome to Local Artisans of Wisconsin!

It's Mushroom Madness Month at our store & studio!!!! All month we'll have mushroom-themed art on display and for sale. And our art classes are all mushroom-themed. Find tickets by clicking this link> Class Tickets 

About us:

We are based out of  Marshfield, WI. Our mission is to bring artisans in the local community together and help each other evolve our passion for the arts!

We welcome anyone who creates or enjoys the arts.

Currently, Creators who work with us do everything from paintings, textiles, resin art and woodworking! We are on the lookout for anyone who enjoys making or creating different forms of art. Let us know if you are looking to head this on.

Check out our March Mushroom Madness Classes

If you make handmade goods, learn more about our Artisan Circle!

 Follow our Page to learn about upcoming events.

Our page is managed by individuals with the goal to share what art-related events are happening in WI with the emphasis in Central WI.