Canvas Painting Classes Tues at 6pm. $25-$30.

Blossom Forest Canvas painting class on May 21st at 6pm. Find tickets by clicking here

Wild Flowers Spong Painting Art Class on Canvas on May 28th at 6pm. Find tickets by clicking here

Seascape painting on Electrocuted Wood June 4th at 6pm. Find tickets by clicking here

Waterfall acrylic pour painting on canvas June 25th at 6pm. Find tickets by clicking here

Learn how to pour epoxy resin! $12-$15

Classes at the electrocuted wood store

We host the majority of our classes at the Electrocuted Wood Store. However, make sure to confirm the location, as we are starting to host more classes at different locations. To check out our class list visit our ticketing site

Learn to make art with us!

We have several art classes available at our location and also teach at other locations. Make sure to check out where we'll be teaching our class when you sign up. Class tickets can be found here:

Host an art party

Gather a group of any size and  host an Art Party at our store. It's $50 to reserve our art room plus the cost of any art projects. The price will depend on the project you choose. We have self guided projects that cost $5-$12 that are great for families who may come an go throughout the party. We also have $25-$50 more in-depth art lessons and projects available for groups who want to come and learn & party with us. Contact us today to reserve your party date!

art Lessons and sessions

To do some one on one sessions or with a small group, cost is generally $25/hour + supplies. You can schedule an art appointment with us and learn anything from epoxy resin, acrylic pour painting, using chalk pastels, or any other arts or crafts project you may see that we've done in the past.