Local Artisans Pop Up Market

Save the Dates!

May 11th, 2024

Ayg 31st (Labor Day Weekend), 2024

Looking to become a vendor? We'll have 6 outdoor vendor spaces available at each of our events.  Our main source of traffic is people driving by on Central Ave and friends and family of the Artisan participants.  Attendance is greatly affected by weather and other factors. We do our best to post about our events online and share the event with our customer base. We heavily rely on our Artisan community to help us grow our event over the years.  

Arts and Craft Vendors: For everyone's best interest, we only accept 1-2 of each type of craft. If you are an artist with your own unique style, we accept up to 10. 

Music, Theater, Dance, etc: We are open to any performances or activities of all types that are free to the public. Let us know your ideas and we will do our best to work something out or accommodate for your needs.  If you are looking to set up a stand to promote or advocate for your group, please contact us. We offer special setups for promotional-only marketing.

Our event has fine art for sale by local artists. Not only do you get to admire what our artisans create, you can meet them one on one to ask them about their masterpieces!  

Our event is pet friendly. We ask that your well behaved loved one is on a leash and respectful to our Artisans displays.

This year we have art for your pets! They will be able to paint on a canvas for you to take home or participate in some other fun activity.

Artists and crafters will not only be selling, but you will get to see some of our vendors making and creating their products that day!

Meet our event sponsors Dr. Walsh's Uniques, Electrocuted Wood and ChickenWares. 

Dr. Walsh's Uniques

Every artifact is fun to make, and it brings me happiness and joy! The hope is to bring the fun, happiness, and joy to others with each art piece!

Learn more at www.drwalshsuniques.com

Electrocuted Wood

Functional art and customized furnishings for your home or business. Ask us to customize your tabletop, coat rack or piece of artwork with one of our colorful electrocuted designs.

Learn more at www.electrocutedwood.com


A farmhouse appeal with vibrant designs. Crates for home organization and colorful seasonal centerpieces for your home. 

Learn more at www.chickenwares.com